Meet The Team

Ken “DJ Warbuckler” Buckler – Founder

Founder of Radio Free Hub City, Ken comes from a cyber security and information technology background. He founded RFHC to help bring the community together through music and talk about local issues.

Ken holds the following degrees and certifications:

  • Bachelor of Science – Computer Science (Mount Saint Mary’s University)
  • Advanced Security Practitioner (CompTIA)
  • Honorary Master of Science – Rockology (Abide University and Institute)
  • Honorary Master of Science – Pop Culture Studies (Abide University and Institute)
  • Honorary Doctor of Philosophy – Memetics (Abide University and Institute)

Ken is also an ordained minister with the Church of the Latter Day Dude, and a Lord of Glencoe and Lochaber. You can refer to him as Reverend Lord Doctor Warbuckler, if you’d like. And yes, he can perform weddings.

You’ll often find him at RFHC events, sometimes even wearing chainmail as he defends listeners from terrible radio content.

Christine “BB” Boring – Marketing and Talent Manager

” is one of the hosts of “Private Stash”, featuring music from local, independent bands! She also hosts the “Basement Sesh” at Venue Media Studio, providing a professional production environment for local artists.

Captain Mango – Pirate

Host of “Trop Rock Bay”, Captain Mango is our local pirate, and will happily attend your event or promotion. Arrrrrr!

Chad Beadle – Comedian

Host of “Morning Crunch” and the “Make Me Laugh Comedy Tour”, Chad will bring a laugh to any event or promotion.