New Book! Coin Collecting for Profit

History Hub Hunters fans love history, and often want to collect history themselves! Now Radio Free Hub City and Western Maryland History Hub are proud to provide the first collecting guide inspired by the show – Coin Collecting for Profit. 11.4% of All People Are Unknowingly Throwing Away Potentially Thousands of Dollars…Because They Didn’t KnowContinue reading “New Book! Coin Collecting for Profit”

The History of the iPod Podcast

What is now called a podcast traces its origins to thefirst ipod podcasts, the creation of distributed mp3 filesthat could be downloaded and played on Apple’s musicplayer, the iPod. When the iPod came out, and usersdiscovered what a wonderful thing it was for holdingmusic, some people had the idea of loading things thatweren’t necessarily songs.Continue reading “The History of the iPod Podcast”

Hagerstown Block Party Bringing Life to Downtown

After the cancellation of the Mummers Parade, many local businesses in downtown Hagerstown were concerned about the potential loss of business. However, with some quick planning by the City of Hagerstown, the parade was replaced by a block party, featuring live music from Club Medics, DJ Jay “MiddleMan” Heich of Venue Media, the ACT BlackContinue reading “Hagerstown Block Party Bringing Life to Downtown”

Coming Soon: Podcast and Talk Radio Resources

A lot of our amazing content is talk content, thanks to some fantastic podcasters. We’ve been working behind the scenes to help bring more high-quality podcasts/talk radio shows to the Internet. To help spur this effort, we’re creating free and low-cost resources for podcast or talk radio hosts to help optimize their shows. What isContinue reading “Coming Soon: Podcast and Talk Radio Resources”